Chudfest 2013

Welcome to Chudfest 2013

Building on very successful Festivals in 2011 and 2012, we are now working on another full year of fun.  The main Chudfest event this year was held from Friday 5th July and ran right through until Sunday 14th July.  This was followed immediately  by “Carnival Week” – with all the traditional carnival festivities and activities.  Between the two events we believe all tastes in entertainment were embraced with “something for everyone”

Chudfest – looking back!

Chudfest began in 2011 as a ten-day festival, organised to cover the gap left by Chudleigh Carnival which took a one-year break. It  has now expanded into a full annual programme. At the end of Chudfest 2011, everyone said ‘we must do it again next year—but bigger!’.

So in 2012, we had a bigger marquee and more events; with the help of the people of Chudleigh, we made it an even bigger success than 2011. All this despite appalling weather conditions in June and the first week of July that left the PlayPark waterlogged and meant we had to move the marquee onto the tennis court.

The 2012 Annual Summer Festival ran from Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd July (with a few additional activities at other dates). Most of the events were held in the marquee on the PlayPark behind the church on Fore Street. We were delighted to see the Carnival Procession back on Chudleigh’s calendar too.


Chudfest exists to provide social events for the residents of Chudleigh. The Committee recognises the generous support from the many people who  help put together the year’s programme, whether with time, money or both.

Particular thanks are due to the “foundation” Committee, all of whom contributed a huge amount of time and effort into making Chudfests 2011 and 2012 a success, and especially to Chudfest Chair Alan Brunton. New members have joned the team this year and bring fresh ideas and vitality to ensure a successful third Chudfest.

The new Chair is Michael McCormick; Mark Macnair has taken on the role of Treasurer; and Nick Walter is Secretary.

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