Stalls Available

Plans for the fete on Sunday 12th July are coming along nicely. There will be lots to see and to do, including pony rides for the children; a Punch and Judy show; ferret racing; demonstrations of dancing, singing, and martial arts; and much more.


There is also plenty of space for stalls, either in or outside the marquee. These stalls provide an opportunity for local groups, organisations or charities to promote their activities to the residents of Chudleigh and/or to make some money. There is no charge for a non-commercial stall, but we do ask for a donation towards the costs of running the fete if you make a significant profit.

We have a number of traditional fete games (eg bash the rat; roll a penny) which we can lend to any organisation that would like to run the game.

Please contact Mark Macnair (01626 853490, email: if you would like to take a stall or put on a demonstration of your activities.

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