Chudfest Countdown: 6 Days To Go

Countdown 6

When we started planning this year’s festival over 6 months ago, it all seemed so far away. We were well-organised and there was loads of time to get everything done. Now, we’re just 6 days from the arrival of the Marquee and time seems to be racing!

The Box Office will be open today between 9.30am and 1pm in the market outside the Town Hall. And if last year is anything to go by, it’s going to be a busy session. Chudleigh residents are well-known for leaving it to the last minute to buy tickets, which is why the organisers of any event involving catering are looking stressed right now. Just how many servings are we going to need? Do we go with today’s number and risk running out on the night? or do we add in a few extra and risk wasting food?

And talking of catered events: there are still a handful of tickets left for next Saturday’s Red, White and Blue Ball, so if you haven’t bought yours yet and you fancy a great evening out for just £20 a head, you know where to find us. And if you can’t get to the Box Office, ring 01626 854611 or email to check on last minute availability.

At the Box Office, we also have Pound-a-Pop envelopes for our Super Draw. We will be running the usual draw during most of the events, but the Super Draw is an extra one, running right through to Sunday 12th July, when we will be pulling the winner from the hat. It’s easy to enter: you put £1 in the envelope, and put your name and number on the front. There’s just one prize winner, taking half the pot. We run a Super Draw each winter in association with the Christmas Fayre – and last year, the prize was over £200. Let’s see if we can break that record in this, our first summer Super Draw.

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