Countdown to Chudfest: 4 days to go

Countdown 4

OK, it’s Monday morning, the weekend’s over and we’re in the final week of preparations for Chudfest. It’s getting very real now. I guess it’s time to make yet another checklist.

My checklists are famous with my friends and family: I have a packing list for trips, whether a month’s business trip or a weekend away. I have lists for Christmas cards and presents. I write To Do lists every year, then break them down into detailed tasks every month. And I have Chudfest lists, all over the place: on the computer, in my notebook, on scraps of paper. So my first task this week will be to pull them all together into one single list – to make sure nothing gets forgiven. And while I’m doing that, everyone else will be running around getting things done, and making sure nothing is forgotten!

Tony Hawks was at the Skate Park yesterday, officially opening the great new facility. It was the packed with youngsters on scooters, bikes and skateboards and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Seeing Tony reminded me of the great interview he gave at last year’s Literary Festival, where he had everyone in stitches with his tales of playing tennis in Moldova and cycling across Devon with a pig (don’t ask!).

This year’s literary event looks set to be just as entertaining. Our headline performer is local writer, poet and enemy of all that’s difficult and annoying, Matt Harvey. He will be preceded by newcomers, Cat Lynx Raven. This unique pair describe themselves as comedy/horror writers and ghost hunters.  I’ve heard them speak before and know you will love their off-the-wall sense of humour. Tickets are available for the evening, starting at 7.30pm, or come to supper first, from 5pm onwards, and meet our guests and a host of other local writers.

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