Countdown to Chudfest: 3 Days To Go

countdown 3

One of the problems with living with a project for so long is you start assuming everyone knows as much about it as you do. And you get confused when that proves not to be the case.

The publicity team has been trying to get the word out there for months; each time we do this, we add to our list of outlets and communications channels. We thought we were doing pretty well. But yesterday, I had an email from someone asking a very simple question: where is Chudfest being held? Will the marquee be in the same place as last year?

‘What a strange question,’ I thought, ‘isn’t it obvious where the marquee’s going to be?’ But then I checked through the website – and nowhere does it give the address of the Play park. We’ve got the address in the brochure – but if you live outside Chudleigh, you won’t have seen one of those. We have the address on the Facebook invitations; but not everyone’s on Facebook.

So for clarification: the Chudfest Marquee will be erected on the Play park behind the Church, with entrances off Fore Street and Vicarage Lane.  Parking will be in the main car park; there is unlikely to be any parking at the church, unless previously arranged with the organisers.

The simplicity of our mistake made me laugh (when I stopped being confused). And they say laughter is the best medicine – so I hope you have all booked your tickets for the Comedy Night on Thursday 9th July. (Okay, so that’s a really bad link, but you have to give me points for trying.) We’ve got Chudleigh’s Mr Pie and Mash, Allan Roberts and the legendary Stewart Masters. Two first class comedians for the knock-down price of £6.50. What re you waiting for?

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