Countdown to Chudfest: 1 Day To Go

Countdown 1

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been hunched over the laptop, writing blog posts, preparing lists, sending out press releases, sorting out tent rotas etc.  From today, the focus moves from home to the Play park.

In a little while, those wonderful people from VIP Marquees will arrive and start setting up the biggest tent in town. The toilets will be delivered later today (and I hope the kids at Daisy Chain get as much enjoyment from watching the unloading as they did last year). By the end of today, all the piles of stuff the committee members have been hoarding for weeks will be transferred onsite; personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing the carpet in my spare room once more!

So this is probably the last blog post for a few days, although there will be loads of Facebook and Twitter messages going around. But I can’t go without mentionning the 60s/70s Disco which will be held on Saturday 11th July. Following last year’s hugely successful night, we had no hesitation in putting this back on the programme.  And the ticket sales have confirmed this decision. We’ve already sold more than twice the number that had gone by this time last year, so make sure you get yours before they sell out.

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