We’re Still Here…

We’ve had a real variety of events in the past few days.

Nii leads the drumming at Chudleigh Sings!

Nii leads the drumming at Chudleigh Sings!

On Tuesday evening, three choirs, one drummer and an appreciative audience made lots of noise at Chudleigh Sings!

Writers collaborating on a murderous script

Writers collaborating on a murderous script

On Wednesday, members of Chudleigh Writers’ Circle and guests worked on their dialogue throughout the morning – and we’re thinking of submitting the resulting play as an idea for the next CRAPS production! In the afternoon, they looked, listened, sniffed, tasted and touched – engaging their senses as writing triggers.

Cat Lynx Raven

Cat Lynx Raven

Finally, the evening was a grand feast of gothic humour, physics and tennis from our speakers Cat Lynx Raven and Matt Harvey.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

Yesterday, the marquee was filled with squeals of excitement and screams of laughter at both the Toddlers’ Storybook Party and Messy Church. In the evening, it was the adults’ turn with yet more laughter – of a slightly bluer hue – at comedians Allan Roberts and Stewart Masters.

Allan Roberts with his Elvis/Norman Wisdom mash-up

And we’ve still got another four days to go: the exhibition continues in the church until Saturday evening.Today (Friday) we have Chudleigh’s Got Talent, preceded by the Kids’ Talent Show.

If you feel like cooling off in the middle of all this activity, there’s the Family Fun Day at the pool on Saturday. Then Saturday evening brings the 60s/70s disco; tickets are limited to 120 – and we’ve sold nearly 100 already, so if you are planning to come and haven’t bought your ticket yet, get in touch as soon as possible – do not assume you can pay on the door. Sunday is the day for the Summer Fete – so we’re keeping everything crossed for good weather.

And there’s also not one, but two, re-enactments of the Battle of Waterloo in the Large Hall at the Town Hall on Sunday and Monday. We’re dying to find out how they get the horses up the stairs!

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