Tank’s Fantastic Offer..


We had another great night yesterday at the sixth annual Variety Concert. A packed hall enjoyed mime, comedy, singing, dancing and poetry – and raised a magnificent £943 towards the Christmas Lights fund.

Now our wonderful compere and resident funny man, Tank Sherman has made a most generous offer, to try to make the total up to £1000. Here is the offer in his own words:


As some of you know, I collect pre-decimal British coins.

I have at least 6 beautiful sets for sale.

Each set will include the following :-

  • 1 x 1965 Churchill Crown

  • 1 x Half Crown

  • 1 x Florin

  • 1 x English Shilling

  • 1 x Scottish Shilling

  • 1 x Sixpence


  • 1 x Brass Penny

  • 1 x Brass Halfpenny

  • 1 x Brass Threepence

  • 1 x Farthing

Each set comes in a lovely little Red Velvet draw-string pouch. This is an incredible bargain; a beautiful reminder of our youth, of ‘the good old days’; and a lovely Christmas present !!

The proceeds of these sales will go to the Christmas Lights fund.  So who’s going to make Tank an offer for one of these sets of coins? Contact him on Tanksherman1@aol.com

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