Pound a Pop

This year’s Grand Draw beat all previous totals – and then some! You bought a magnificent 642 envelopes in total between 26th October and 3rd December, making a prize of £321 and the same amount going into the Christmas Lights fund. So a huge thank you to everyone who donated their pound coins.

Joan Smith

And the lucky winner was Joan Smith from Stokelake, who was so pleased with her pre-Christmas windfall that she generously sent us an additional donation for the fund.


Joan bought her envelope while having her hair done at Valerie Ann Hair Fashions. The two Vals are well-known for their zeal in selling the Pound a Pop envelopes and were once again the top sellers, with 349 sold in the salon and during the Christmas Fayre.

Other top sellers were: Liz and Carole in the Town Hall during the Fayre (147); and The Globe (98). Our thanks go to all of them, plus Gina Sherwood at UKGetActive; Diamond Cut; The Ship and Sugar Mill.

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