Our Instagram Breakthrough

InstagramAs we build our publicity campaign for Chudfest 2016 (or #chudfest16, as we like to call it), we are aware we have to use a variety of different channels to reach different sections of the community. We produce a hard copy brochure that goes to every house. We send out press releases to newspapers. We put posters all over the place. And we increasingly explore the online world.

We’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming in some cases, into the 21st Century. We blog (obviously); we use Facebook heavily (as that’s a major communication channel within Chudleigh); we tweet (although that’s not so popular in town at present, and tends to be used by visitors to the town). And we are told that for the younger residents, Instagram is the way to go.

Lukas, our wonderful intern at Make It Marketing, set up an account for us (you can find us as The_Chudfest) and yesterday I finally got around to trying it out. I traced most of the performers for this year’s festival and followed them. I  worked out, eventually, how to load pictures. And I decided to start by loading the poster for Live At The Chudleigh Apollo.

Well, it’s up, but I think I need to learn about sizing, because all I have is a beige square, which is just a tiny corner of the whole picture. I’m going to try again, using the performers’ photos, but if I end up with a collection of eyes, ears and noses, it won’t be my fault!

And that beige square? 104 people have ‘liked’ it so far! I have no idea why! But if they all want a ticket, then that’s fine by me.


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