Voucher Auction

AuctionGood Morning Chudleigh!

Well, it’s all over for this year. The marquee has gone and the organisers have been catching up on their sleep. We will post a final round of thank yous and other wrap-up notices before the end of the week, but firstly, we have an announcement of prize-winners and have some exciting news of a special auction.

The winner of the Lucky Number programme was number 20. If you would like to make yourself known to us on 01626 854611 or via chudfest@yahoo.co.uk, there is a crisp £10 note waiting for you.

And the magnificent wooden truck was won by Debbie Andrews.

We have a few vouchers left over from the Tombola. As they are date-limited, we are putting them up for auction now, rather than holding them over to the Variety Concert raffle. We have vouchers for:

Becky Falls. 2 people, worth £16.50

Canonteign Falls. 4 people, plus 4 cream teas, worth over £30

Dinosaur World. 2 visitors, worth £13.90

Pecorama. 2 Adults and 2 children, worth£40.70

Quince Honey Farm. 2 x 2 tickets, worth £29.80

Shaldon Zoo. 2 adults + 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children, worth up to £24.90

So, make us an offer and you may be lucky enough to grab yourself a bargain. You’ve got nothing to lose by making a bid – and with the holidays coming up, this could be just the thing you need for a day out.

You have until 5pm on Sunday 24th July to get your bids in to: m.r.macnair@exeter.ac.uk

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