There will be a number of individuals and organisations raising money for charities and other non-profitmaking causes, including:

Carnival Committee (tombola in Council Chamber);

Friends of Chudleigh School (stall in the street);

Chudleigh Pre-School (raffle in the school room);

Lions Club (stall in the street);

Ectodermal Dysplasia Society (stall in Council Chamber)

Chudleigh Youth Centre (stall in Council Chamber)

Traidcraft (stall in Woodway Room)

Diabetics Society (stall in Woodway Room)

Home Farm Trust (stall in Woodway Room)

Brad’s Christmas Cookies for STARS (stall in Woodway Room)

Sara Forey for Whizz-Kidz (collection box in the street)

Look Out For Them and Show Your Support

St John Ambulance will be on duty and can be found outside the Town Hall. The Chudleigh Police team will also be on duty. We thank them all for their support


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