Chudleigh Bioblitz

 12:00 on Friday 1st to 12:00 on Saturday 2nd July

A 24 hour celebration of the wonderful wildlife of our parish

Bioblitz 4

Help us to record the maximum number of species in 24 hours by submitting your own records to our data team. If you’re not sure what you’ve got, bring along photos or specimens and our experts will try to identify them.

Programme Details

The Bioblitz opens at 12:00 on Friday 1st July and finishes at 1:200 on Saturday 2nd July, with a break overnight from 22:00 to 08:00.

During the whole of this period the following live wildlife displays will be happening in the marquee:

Mini-beasts – what creepy crawlies live in Chudleigh ?
• The plants of Chudleigh – want to know what plants can be found in our parish ? bring along small samples of any you don’t know and we’ll identify them for you;
Stealth cameras – with cameras having been out in Chudleigh all week, which animals have unwittingly taken selfies?
• The moths of Chudleigh – come and see the stunning, hidden world of moths as we take a look in our moth traps;
What lives in the soil? – a journey into the bizarre world of soil beasties;
• Small mammals – mice, voles and other critters, up close and personal;
• Chudleigh’s internationally important bats – come and find out about Chudleigh’s important bat populations and see what we’ve recorded on our bat detector.


Guided activities around the parish:

Churchyard Mini-beast Safari – 17:00 Friday 1st – meet at the Marquee
Bat Walk – 20:30 Friday 1st – meet at Oldway nature reserve entrance
Woods and Fields Walk – 09:00 Saturday 2nd – meet at the Marquee
School Environment Area Tours—various times Fri & Sat—meet at Marquee

 If you would like to host one of our moth traps or stealth cameras prior to the bioblitz, contact: Fraser Rush on 01626 852707 for further details

Chudleigh Bioblitz is run by Chudleigh Town Council and is supported via a grant

Bioblitz 5