Garden & Produce Show 2018

Saturday 25 August 2018

Detailed timings below

Chudleigh Town Hall


Schedule and Information

  • Entry fees: 50p per class (Children free). Only one entry per person per class.
  • Entry forms with appropriate fees, in a sealed envelope marked “PRODUCE SHOW”, should be handed in to Pets Corner by 5pm on Thursday August 23rd.
  • Late entries will be accepted subject to space being available
  • All entries in classes 1 – 48 to be grown or made by exhibitor or their family.
  • The organisers may divide or amalgamate classes as they deem necessary.
  • Children’s classes are open to all those 10 years of age or less on day of show. The Judges will take account of the age of the child in awarding prizes. For class 59, a parent may bake the cup-cake, but the child must decorate them. Children may also enter adult classes, but will need to pay the appropriate fee.
  • Exhibits will be received at the Town Hall on Saturday 25th August between 8.45am and 10.45am. The Hall will then be cleared for judging and opened to the public at 2pm.
  • All entrants must collect their entry number card(s) when they bring their exhibit, and place it beside their entry.
  • Exhibits may be collected after the awards Ceremony at 4pm, and must be removed by 4.30pm.
  • Certificates will be awarded forup to the first three places in each class, and the judges may award a “Best in Show” if they see fit.
  • The person receiving the greatest number of firsts (including Best in Show) will be declared winner and will receive an engraved trophy. There will also be a number of Chidlren’s prizes. There are also a number of cups to be won. In the event of a tie, winners will be determined by numbers of seconds. The trophies and prizes will be presented at 4pm.
  • The organisers will take all reasonable care of exhibits, but cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.


Vegetables and Fruit (presented on paper plates where appropriate)

  1. Potatoes – 4 on a plate
  2. Runner Beans – 5 on a plate
  3. Runner Bean – Longest
  4. Other beans – 5 on a plate
  5. Courgettes – 3 on a plate
  6. Marrow – Heaviest
  7. Parsnip – Longest
  8. Carrots (stalks trimmed to 3”) – 3 on a plate
  9. Beetroot (stalks trimmed to 3”) – 3 on a plate
  10. Parsley – 1 bunch
  11. Cabbage – 1
  12. White Onions – 3 on a plate
  13. Red Onions – 3 on a plate
  14. Shallots – 6 on a plate
  15. Leeks – 3 on a plate
  16. Tomatoes with Stalks – 3 on a plate
  17. Beef Tomato – Biggest
  18. Truss of Tomatoes – 1 on a plate
  19. Cucumber – 1 on a plate
  20. Bowl of Blackberries – 4 oz approx
  21. Bowl of Raspberries – 4 oz approx
  22. Eating Apples (of one variety) – 3 on a plate
  23. Cooking Apples (of one variety) – 3 on a plate
  24. Pears (of one variety) – 3 on a plate
  25. Plums – 3 on a plate
  26. Bowl any other Fruit 4 oz approx

Flowers (Cut flowers to be presented in a vase)

  1. Roses (may be mixed varieties) – 3 stems
  2. Dahlias (may be mixed varieties) – 3 blooms
  3. Sweet Peas (may be mixed varieties) – 3 stems
  4. Gladioli – 3 stems
  5. Zinnias – 3 stems
  6. Other Garden Flowers of one sort – 3 stems or blooms

Kitchen produce

  1. Jar of Marmalade
  2. Jar of Fruit Jam (Raspberry or Strawberry)
  3. Jar of Fruit jam (any other fruit)
  4. Jar of Fruit Jelly
  5. Jar of Honey
  6. Jar of Chutney
  7. Jar of Lemon Curd
  8. 6 Eggs from your own flock
  9. Carrot Cake
  10. Victoria Sponge
  11. Loaf of savoury bread (Not in a bread maker)
  12. 3 currant buns
  13. 3 plain scones (2” cutter)
  14. Bakewell Tart
  15. Cheesecake (men only)
  16. 3 Plain sugar Doughnuts

Floral Art

  1. Table Centre
  2. Corsage or Buttonhole
  3. Arrangement of Pink Flowers
  4. Arrangement in an unusual container
  5. Miniature flower arrangement (3 inches max in all directions)
  6. Crazy animal from vegetables and/or fruit (max 12 inches square)

Children’s Classes (10 or under on Aug 20th)

  1. Flower Collage on A4 sheet of paper
  2. Decorated Hard Boiled Egg
  3. Children 6 or over: Arrangement of yellow, orange and white flowers
  4. Children 5 or under: Wild flowers in a jam jar
  5. One decorated cup cake

Produce show entry form 2018