Pirates and Princesses Pop Party Disco

Friday 11th July; 3.30pm to 5.30pm

A few little girls turned up last year at the Pink Pamper Party on their way home from a Tai Kwando class & decorated some cup cakes. So this year, ‘by popular request’, we are having a party especially for children – both girls and boys – and will include all sorts of fun things that ‘Pirates’ & ‘Princesses’ like.


There’ll be plenty to do, and Chudleigh Carnival Royalty will be there to present  prizes for the best-dressed Pirate & Princess, so we’re hoping to see at least plenty of stripy T shirts, bandanas & eye patches (and how about a moustache?)  and some glamorous princesses in their best tiaras and party frocks.

Gina Sherwood is going to lead a Pop Party Disco and games; there will be face painting and ‘pirate tattoos’; Princess Pamper nail & hair station and an art & craft table. We’ll have candy floss, sweets and treats.

3 and that includes a drink and cookie. 3s are free, but ALL children must be accompanied by an adult.

Hope to see you all at the party.

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