Say What? Dialogue Workshop with Joanna Traynor

In life, it often happens that we miss our moment when we finally get the chance to deliver an explosive one-liner to someone who’s been asking for it. Afterwards we sulk and replay the moment over and over again but now with all the brilliance and wit that eluded us when it really could have made a difference.

Fortunately when we’re writing dialogue, we can spend more time rehearsing our argument allowing our characters to deliver the kind of sassy one liner we couldn’t hope to have come up with on the spot. But the trick is of course, to make such dialogue look natural and effortless. Good dialogue must be convincing and engaging, portraying characters and their motives and moving the action on.

It’a a difficult trick to pull off but if you book yourself onto the “Say what?” Dialogue Workshop at Chudfest this year, then you’ll stand a much better chance of finding the right words when you need them – on the page and off it! There’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, practice and learn – and have fun, of course!

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